Highlight offerings in a digital setting

Interactive lookbook is also a perfect tool for marketers to display products
in a more fashionable way.

Acquiring Conversion is never straightforward!

So how can differentiate yourself from the common practice  ? 

The plain ecommerce will not provide enough conversion.
Simplify and influence. Be different and get remembered. 
Digital marketing budgets are constantly growing and scattering with their pens and their sum total. However, touch and feel offerings can not go beyond paged product listings and classic landing pages.
At this point, the Digital LookBook makes it possible for your offerings presented as a whole, where the products can be displayed in the most optimal way possible, rather than alone. You can present your products as a part of a greater design.


Marketing mediums are expanding

but we still showcase products

in the same way 

With Interactive Lookbook, Showcase Your Products Through Catalog Photographs And Other Designs. Go Through A Much More Enjoyable Experience, Further Than Classic Product Listings.  Exhibit Your Products With The Best Way Possible.

Buy Your Product Associations, Combine Products And Design Ideas As A Whole.

Some suggestions to grow your basket..

Offer the best cheese suitable for your wine selection in a single photo.

No need to go through seperate searches..

Neither security nor accessory is missing. 

Help him.. 

Can the pillowcase promote a vase?

The magic is here.

Neither security nor accessory is missing. 

Help him.. 


Main Product

Related Products


Create engaging contents
Suggest ambiance, not just products
Use contents on all channels & all pages
Enlarge basket with multiple product detail page
Use group-item tags for basket campaign
Use cloud, minimizes your IT needs



How Can You Create Interactive LookBook ? 

Traditionally we know that lookbooks were in the form of cataloged contents made up of photographs of places,positioned on site. Customers used to access these contents through additional pages from the main menu.
If an interactive lookbook was to be prepared, the agencies or the teams were engaged and long and costly processes were taking place. These outputs were dynamically unchangeable.
Now, do not have to bear costly processes with Interactive Lookbook solutions.
It is much faster and cheaper with expert software tosatisfy the need of an interactive lookbook and this fact is gradually noticed and accepted all around the world.
You can easily make changes in your site and publish at any place and any level, attuned with your desired strategy.
And with the IBEX LookBook, you can start working on your designs in just 15 minutes onthe cloud and also minimize your IT needs.

Just 7 Steps For Interactivity

1- Upload Photos

2- Create Groups

3- Select Items

4- Assign Product Codes

5- Add SEO text

6- Publish

7- Access from web sites or apps with API